Brief History

Charity Tabernacle, as it was previously named, had their first fellowship on Wednesday August 29th 1989 in a home. There were seven adults and two children present. The Holy Spirit witnessed then that this was divinely inspired.

The name Charity was already utilized by a previous organization, so our Pastor rightly named our fellowship Perfect Love Tabernacle

Our Pastor, A God-Called Man

A God-trained man, not trained in the school of theology and of education, but a rugged man of faith, that God has brought up in his school of rugged training,

A man who is not afraid to face the fire — a man who has come into the presence of God and knows His power, knows His omnipotence and knows His healing power.

We believe that God has called him out and trained him to carry this message. So he does not care what the opposition is and is willing to go to the fiery furnace in defeat, or to the lion’s den or whatever it may be. He is ready to go because he has been in the presence of God and knows that He, whether victory or defeat, will stand the same.

He is trained to meet the front line, sometimes shook off his feet, sometimes it looks like the whole thing is falling, but yet in the midst of it all, he knows the living God and will keep his face forward, keep moving on.

Very seldom, God calls the smart man, the educated, the intellectual. They play their part, and they are great men, but usually, when God wants the job done, He gets somebody who hardly knows his ABC’s. But when God gets ready to do something in the supernatural realms, He usually gets a man that He can put His trust in, and anoints him, and sends him out, and he’s fearless at the job.

That’s the kind of men we need today, not polished scholars, but men who know God in the power of His resurrection.

This day this quote is fulfilled in our midst.

(paraphrased from “God Called Man“, Jeff. IN v-2 N-27 Sunday 58-1005E)

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