• How I Received the Holy Ghost

    Praise and thanks be to God for opening my eyes to the fact that I must not just believe, but also RECEIVE the Holy Ghost. My husband and I were talking and he was telling me that there is more of God to receive, and we must actually receive the Holy Ghost. I said, “I do not know what you are talking about, we do have the Holy Ghost”. He asked me how do I know that I have it and when did I receive it. I said, “When you truly receive the message for the hour, which is the Holy Ghost, then you automatically receive and have he Holy Ghost”. I began to seek the Lord for an answer, because even my very own reply was one that I was taught, and it had never been challenged.

    As I began to seek the Lord, He revealed to me the absolute necessity of receiving the Holy Ghost in the soul. I became extremely desperate. Certain family members were wondering what was wrong with me, because when you are desperate, many times you do some things that may not seem ordinary. The books and tapes suddenly became new to me, as if I had never heard them before. I was praying and fasting both day and night. I told the Lord, He may as well kill me, because I could not live without Him.

    As I was consecrating myself before service one Friday night, I told the Lord that I believe Brother Nelson has the Holy Ghost, and to let him make an altar call so he can lay his hands on me so that I would truly receive the Holy Spirit. Saints of God, when I was at church, everyone was praying and suddenly Brother Nelson said he felt led to invite anyone to the front who desired prayer. I knew that God would fulfil His Word. I went up and was praying and crying for God to touch my soul. Pastor Nelson put his hands on my head and asked the Lord to baptise me with the Holy Ghost. I felt a wind touch me and the most sweetest presence I have ever known which is indescribable, but it was like peace and joy entered my soul.

    Saints of God, this was not just an ordinary experience, it was THE EXPERIENCE that totally transformed my life. I have never been the same since. Nobody under the sun can take what I know, that I know, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has done for me.

    Sister Ursulla

    November 25, 2014 By J M Testimonies Toronto
  • Sis Sarah Mohan Healing Testimony

    April 09, 2011

    God Bless you Saints.  I would like to start by thanking God for his Amazing Grace and Mercy unto me.  About 3-4 weeks ago I was in service and was experiencing stomach pains that were very severe.

    I remembered Bro. Nelson closing the service and asked the congregation to stand and ask the Lord for whatever it is that you desire. He quoted “the Holy Spirit is here”, as the saints were worshiping  I heard a massive scream from behind me as one of the sisters were being blessed, I then continued to close my eyes saying “Lord don’t pass me by”. Bro. Nelson was praying for the sick and while doing so I placed my hand on my stomach and asking for God to heal me.

    After service I went home and felt worse, I remember His word and kept thanking God for my healing.  After four days I continued to feel no different and I know the real test was at hand. I then decided to go to my family doctor but he was away on vacation and I would have to wait for an entire week before he returns.  That same afternoon I went to the pharmacy and explained my stomach problem and the severe burning I was experiencing and was told I needed a prescription in order to get any medication relating to my symptoms.  I then went to the Walk-In Clinic right beside the pharmacy and asked to see a doctor, the receptionist quoted “we no longer accept new patience” you have to go to another Walk In.  My frustrations began to grow nevertheless; I knew what was expected of me. I went home that afternoon, placed my hands on my stomach and began to thank God again for my healing. Although, all I felt was pain I know that God is still God and capable for healing me.

    Two days later the flesh started to panic and I went to another Walk In Clinic where I was seen by a doctor. It was diagnosed by her that I had a bladder infection and was required to complete a few ultrasounds. I was given antibiotics for seven days and if that did not work the doctor would have to further examine me. The Sunday I went to church Bro. Nelson was preaching about “Pride” and had a prayer line for anyone that needed prayer. I still remembered that I did pray and I know God heard my prayer and I still kept on trusting and believing that I was already healed.  After the first week was completed and I felt no different only worse, Now the second week was approaching and it was time to be Healed “pride” was exposed and  I was not holding back on this sickness anymore. During that week I continued taking the anti-biotic and completed the first ultrasound, nothing was found on the ultrasound; on the seventh day and final day of the pills I still felt no different.

    I was at work and did not think of the pain and as I continued with my day not complaining but just trusting in God and his Word it was Gods time for my healing.  I had a final massive pain in my abdomen and flushed out two kidney stones that was not seen in the ultrasound or diagnosed by the doctor, the Magnificent Doctor Himself healed me,  I was no longer feeling abdominal pains, burning or any discomfort what so ever I  was COMPLETELY healed. Praise be to our ALMIGHTY GOD thank you for my healing.

    Sis. Sarah

    April 18, 2011 By J M Testimonies Toronto
  • Romania Trip Report

    On the 9th of September we set of towards the city of Teius where we were going to hold a meeting. It was a 4 hour driving trip. From Arad we went to Hunedoara where we stopped and had lunch at Bro. Elijah’s. Then we continued our road towards Teius. Finally we arrived. From where we parked to reach the church we had to continue by foot.

    We arrived at the church and the brothers were already waiting expecting for God to do something in the service. Bro. Nelson started to preach and everybody rejoiced during the sermon.

    After the sermon Bro. Nelson told the congregation that whoever was ill, should put his/her right hand on the place where they had the pain and he would pray.

    After the meeting a brother testified that during Bro. Nelson’s prayer he was instantly healed. He had been suffering with a stomach problem (Ulcer).

    After the church we traveled to Cluj with the Pastor, Bro. John. On the 10th of September we had a meeting in Cluj. The presence of the Lord came down and many came forth and rededicated their lives to the Lord.

    On 11th of September we had a meeting in Bontida (a Gipsy church).The brothers there were having some problems with the local Pastor nobody told Bro. Nelson about it, the Lord lead him in such a way that he spoke exactly about their problem.

    After the sermon the people started to rejoice and the Holy Spirit come down in the meeting, everyone could feel a very strong Presence of the Lord.

    A brother testified that he had a very strong headache but while Bro. Nelson was praying the headache left him.

    Another sister testified that before the meeting she was burdened and couldn’t pray anymore. But during the service the Lord delivered her and she started to pray and rejoice in the Lord.

    Bro. Nelson also received a prayer request for a brother in coma.

    After the service we continued our trip to Baia Mare where the brothers had arranged a convention on Saturday and Sunday.

    Many believers came from different places and some even from Hungary, the neighboring country.

    On Saturday we had some wonderful meetings and all were really looking forward to see what God still had in store for us in the following services.

    Sunday morning brother John the Pastor from Cluj came and gave a testimony about the brother in coma for whom we prayed in Bontida, exactly at the time he was being prayed for, he woke up and from there on with every day he got better and better.

    Praise God! He still answers prayers and heals the sick.

    In the last meeting on Sunday afternoon bro. Nelson called for all the ministers and together they prayed for the sick. What a time we had in the Lord, just singing and praising Him.

    We are very graceful for the ministry of Bro. Nelson in Romania. God really blessed His ministry in our country. The sick were healed, the weak and needy were encouraged to press on for the Kingdom of God.

    We will add some of the pictures for this trip.

    September 23, 2010 By J M Missionary
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