• Romania Trip Report

    On the 9th of September we set of towards the city of Teius where we were going to hold a meeting. It was a 4 hour driving trip. From Arad we went to Hunedoara where we stopped and had lunch at Bro. Elijah’s. Then we continued our road towards Teius. Finally we arrived. From where we parked to reach the church we had to continue by foot.

    We arrived at the church and the brothers were already waiting expecting for God to do something in the service. Bro. Nelson started to preach and everybody rejoiced during the sermon.

    After the sermon Bro. Nelson told the congregation that whoever was ill, should put his/her right hand on the place where they had the pain and he would pray.

    After the meeting a brother testified that during Bro. Nelson’s prayer he was instantly healed. He had been suffering with a stomach problem (Ulcer).

    After the church we traveled to Cluj with the Pastor, Bro. John. On the 10th of September we had a meeting in Cluj. The presence of the Lord came down and many came forth and rededicated their lives to the Lord.

    On 11th of September we had a meeting in Bontida (a Gipsy church).The brothers there were having some problems with the local Pastor nobody told Bro. Nelson about it, the Lord lead him in such a way that he spoke exactly about their problem.

    After the sermon the people started to rejoice and the Holy Spirit come down in the meeting, everyone could feel a very strong Presence of the Lord.

    A brother testified that he had a very strong headache but while Bro. Nelson was praying the headache left him.

    Another sister testified that before the meeting she was burdened and couldn’t pray anymore. But during the service the Lord delivered her and she started to pray and rejoice in the Lord.

    Bro. Nelson also received a prayer request for a brother in coma.

    After the service we continued our trip to Baia Mare where the brothers had arranged a convention on Saturday and Sunday.

    Many believers came from different places and some even from Hungary, the neighboring country.

    On Saturday we had some wonderful meetings and all were really looking forward to see what God still had in store for us in the following services.

    Sunday morning brother John the Pastor from Cluj came and gave a testimony about the brother in coma for whom we prayed in Bontida, exactly at the time he was being prayed for, he woke up and from there on with every day he got better and better.

    Praise God! He still answers prayers and heals the sick.

    In the last meeting on Sunday afternoon bro. Nelson called for all the ministers and together they prayed for the sick. What a time we had in the Lord, just singing and praising Him.

    We are very graceful for the ministry of Bro. Nelson in Romania. God really blessed His ministry in our country. The sick were healed, the weak and needy were encouraged to press on for the Kingdom of God.

    We will add some of the pictures for this trip.

    September 23, 2010 By J M Missionary
  • Way Back Home – London – UK

    Dear Pastor Nelson

    My name is brother Ronald (brother in law to Sheila and Masimba from Burlington Canada). We hope you had a safe journey back to Canada and you found them all (family and church) well. We were so blessed with your ministry in London and we had a powerful prayer meeting on the next Saturday. Please pass our  regards to the family and the church. God bless

    Brother Ronald, Miriam and Sharon Rose(Zoe)

    Pastor Nelson writes: Following is a testimony from Bro. Ronald, received April 30, 2007. He asked the church to pray that he would receive a job in the field that he was trained in. The church prayed about this three months ago. After three years seeking this job, JEHOVAH JIREH has now provided the job!

    Please read his testimony which follows.

    From: Ronald Munodawafa

    To: Pastor Lewis Nelson

    Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 4:42 PM

    Subject: A Testimony of receiving my Job

    Dear Pastor Nelson God bless you for your love and prayers I received my job by faith, and today I started my new job in Oxford.

    Please pass my greatest appreciation to the saints in Toronto.

    God bless you

    Bro Ronald and family


    Thank you Br Nelson You were certianly a blessing to us and of course the saints in Uganda. We keep contact as usual. God bless and strenthen you after your journey. Shalom.

    Br Peter

    (pastor in London)

    April 30, 2007 By J M London - UK Missionary Testimonies
  • Revival among the Bride – Testimony

     Dear Br. Nelson , Shallom.

    Sr Rhobina is aged about 35. She had experienced chest pain since she was a girl . She was totally healed.

    Br. Katuufu Patrick aged 63 had had big unhealing wounds in the leg for along period. The Lord has healed him.

    Br. Simon aged 28 had a very sickly baby. On the laying of your hands upon the baby he was healed.

    Sr Victo aged 43 had demomic spirits disturbbing her at night . She could not sleep well.

    Ever since then ,she is very joyful she was healed

    God bless.

    Pastor Ikomba Stephen

    Thanx for your ministry . Continue praying for as.

    January 28, 2007 By J M Missionary Testimonies Uganda
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