• Revival among the Bride – Testimony

     Dear Br. Nelson , Shallom.

    Sr Rhobina is aged about 35. She had experienced chest pain since she was a girl . She was totally healed.

    Br. Katuufu Patrick aged 63 had had big unhealing wounds in the leg for along period. The Lord has healed him.

    Br. Simon aged 28 had a very sickly baby. On the laying of your hands upon the baby he was healed.

    Sr Victo aged 43 had demomic spirits disturbbing her at night . She could not sleep well.

    Ever since then ,she is very joyful she was healed

    God bless.

    Pastor Ikomba Stephen

    Thanx for your ministry . Continue praying for as.

    January 28, 2007 By J M Missionary Testimonies Uganda
  • Wonderful Bible Briefcase

     Dear Br. Nelson,

    Christian greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Truly I received 20 Dollars through Br. Hanington Balita Pastor of Kaliro Church.Thanks very much the way you were touched to provide a Bag for God’s Bible. This is Wounderful for fulfilling the Promise to the little servant of God.

    Receive a song accampnied with my Guitar- Such Love that God should Love a sinner such as I…. Any Message Reading Materials please send me though Postal Address- NAMWENDWA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP, P O BOX 235, KAMULI. UGANDA E. AFRICA. God bless ,greet all the Saints.

    Pastor Ikomba Stephen.

    January 28, 2007 By J M Missionary Testimonies Uganda
  • Testimonies from First Service at Bugiri Eagle Tabernacle

    Dear Precious brother Nelson.

    Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for coming over to Uganda and holding the first service at our church at Bugiri Eagle Tabernacle. We were very much blessed with the ministry God gave you ( Apostle). It was very woderful and even the prayer line you conducted in His Name. Here are the Testimonies after that prayer line:

    1. SWOLLEN LEGS HEALED (Testimony by brother John Kasiba) God bless you saints of God, I thank the Lord who healed my daughter by names of Suzan Atenge. She suffered for a long time of swollen legs, but through the prayers of brother Nelson of Canada as she passed through the prayer line she got her healing immediately and she has been won to the Lord Jesus Christ and rose up to go for water baptism.

     2. CHEST PROBLEM GONE ( By Sister Rose Nandera) I thank the Lord for taking away a chest problem that had disturbed me for many years. But by the prayers of brother Nelson I am totally healed

     3.HEART PROBLEM OVER ( By Siforosa Amjong) I thank God for healing me of heart problem which could not allow me stay where there is much noise or even where children are shouting from. But by the prayers of brother Nelson I am totally healed. I thank God for sending brother Nelson to Uganda.

     4. CANDIDASIS GONE ( By Sister Rebecca Okware) For a long time I was tormented by the demon of Candida being treated several times but it could not go. I had abdomen pains till walking or working was hard. But when I passed through the prayer line some thing started moving and moving through the abdomen and the pain went away instantly from that moment till now I am totally healed

     5. DEAF EAR OPENED ( By Sister Rebecca Okware) My son called William Okware was deaf in one ear, but through prayer offered by brother Nelson of Canada, his hearing ability was restored , he can now hear with both ears. God be praised.

     6. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND ASTHMA DISPEARS (By Brother Samuel Nambafu) I was healed of high blood Pressure and Asthma as I passed through the prayer line.The Lord by praised. 7.STOMACH PROBLEM GONE (BY Frida Nafula ) I thank God for healing me of stomach trouble that had disturbed me for many years till I could not eat hard food for years. But since i passed through the prayer line conducted by brother Nelson of Canada, I am totally healed and can eat any thing praise be to Lord Jesus Christ.

    End of Testimonies for now. I am waiting for more testimonies. There was a lady who came for her first time in the prayer line and told me her husband had died of Aids and she too was HIV positve and she had many complications, but when she passed through the prayer line she told me her complications are gone, she is yet to go to the doctor to check on her status. So we want her to go for testing then we shall let you know. God bless you brother Nelson once again.

    NB. Brother Nelson I as Pastor of Bugiri Eagle Tabernacle i am requesting to kindly assist me as I have agreat burden of widows and orphans in the church. Honestly I have 30 orphans and 6 widows in a miserable situation. May be you can let other brothers and sisters in Canada know it and may be if they can, to please help I am confused on how to help them as you know what Africa is. They have problems of beddings, clothes and school fees. God bless you brother as I wait to hear from you soon.

    Lastly, our Deacon went on beyond the River on 4th Feb- 2007and was buried on 5th Feb-2007 leaving behind 13 orphans and the widow ( Remember the Deacon we went to pray for when you came to Uganda). If the good Lord passes your way any thing material please we shall greatly appreciate. Pass on our regards and greetings to the saints in your area .

    Yours brother in Christ

    Pastor Charles Siminyu

    January 28, 2007 By J M Missionary Testimonies Uganda
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