• Showers of Blessings

     What can I say of the Mutare convention? May God bless you for yielding yourself to the moving of the Holy Spirit and giving us showers of blessings. I will never forget the last service for as long as I can remember – Speak the Word only.

    There was something that was bothering me even during the start of the meetings, and I was a bit tense. However, during your last service where the Lord came down mightily and my prayer was answered. I believe I will send you a powerful testimony one of these days. If the Lord answered, He will surely perform.

    God bless and keep you

    Bro K

    August 8, 2005 By J M Missionary Testimonies Zimbabwe
  • God is Alive

     I believed I was going to have a testimony of the Power of God, and I thank God that He is alive. I have a sister who is HIV+ and when she told me about it sometime in April this year, she was quite sick. I just prayed that God will heal her.

    A few weeks ago, she was much sicker, and I phoned her. I spoke her at length to raise her faith. She had started taking ARV drugs, but they were making her sicker, so she stopped them. This is very dangerous because if someone stops these drugs, you build up resistance to them and possibly die.

    After speaking to her on the phone, I told her to believe, and I pronounced her healed. When I said that, I felt a charge of faith and I believed that the Lord had done something. I did not see her after that until today. When I saw her, I was shocked. When I last saw her, she was thin and gaunt, and the skin on her face and hands was getting rough and somewhat discolored. Today, her face is shining and she is looking normal. Her health has improved and her hands are so smooth.

    I tell the truth, I lie not. I know she has stopped taking the drugs because she was taken to the doctor by my dad so that he could order her to resume taking them, but she refused because they were making her sicker. Going by medical knowledge, she should be sicker now, but she is getting stronger.

    When you preached the last service on Monday, something told me that the power of the spoken word is strong, and I have the confirmation. Surely our God is alive, and He and He alone can heal HIV.

    God bless you.

    Bro K.

    April 8, 2005 By J M Missionary Testimonies Zimbabwe
  • God Sends Rain

     In the month of December, 2003, the Lord had me to minister in a place called Mutare, Zimbabwe. God blessed in a tremendous way. One testimony I want to share with you, and this is spoken by the Pastor himself. Here is what our precious Brother Joseph Chikosi had to say I Give You Rain God Bless you all. I am Brother Joseph Chikosi and I want to greet you all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I wish to thank God for the meetings we had during Christmas time with Brother Nelson. We were mighty blessed, and God used our brother to minister to the needs of the people. I received spiritual confirmation that I should invite our brother and he also had confirmation through a dream. Well, God works on both ends, does He not?

    Our brother spoke on many things that I had been speaking on in the local church in previous services, showing that in the true Bride, it is the same Spirit that is in operation. Now, there were many believers that came to the meeting and several were healed; some were saved and delivered; others received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost; many had a refilling of the Holy Ghost, and among these were my two daughters. Indeed, it was a time of Restoration of the Joy of Salvation.

    Of particular interest was when our brother spoke by inspiration that he was going to preach the next day on I give you rain. When he said that, the believers went into spontaneous praise. We had had no rain for a while, and the drought was persistent. The next day during the service, there was a thunder and then a heavy downpour of rain. Well, the believers went into spontaneous praise, rejoiced with exceeding joy. Now, two sisters who had believed the Spoken Word, had brought their umbrellas, by faith, right inside the church building. While others walked out from the Tabernacle in the rain, these two sisters were sheltered by their umbrellas. Huh, what a display of Perfect Faith! Much more could be said, but I trust this tape of Portions of the Meetings will be a blessing to you. May God richly bless our Brother Nelson and all of you in Jesus Name. Amen.

    On May 31, 2004 we received another testimony from God sending the rain. Here is the report Corn to Last for One Year (a testimony from Zimbabwe – After the Rain Came) God bless. Its good to hear from you and the wonderful work in the mission field. My prayer is for God to give you more time and opportunity to share your ministry with others far and wide for the edification of the church. We have just come back from a couples meeting out in Nyanga mountains in the east, it was very good.

    I wanted to inform you that after the rains came my wife worked on a small plot and got blessed with five sacks of corn (maize) enough to last us for a whole year! She is very happy, in fact we all are. Thank God for speaking the rain for our sake. A lot of believers benefited from the rain, it was a welcome relief. God bless you and keep up the good work.

     Bro Luke Mafura

     May 31, 2004

    May 31, 2004 By J M Missionary Testimonies Zimbabwe